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About Swedish

Swedish belongs to the Indo-European language family and is currently spoken by about 10 million people worldwide as a native tongue. The majority of people who speak Swedish are located in the two Nordic countries of Sweden and Finland, where it’s the official language.

Just like many other Nordic languages, the roots and origins of Swedish are in the Old Norse dialects that were mainly spoken in Scandinavia. Heavy trade activity in the North European region caused Swedish to replace the Low German dialect, a historically long process that led to the borrowing of many linguistic elements.

The wide distribution of Swedish and its script throughout the Northern European region is strongly linked to Protestantism, which was once the official religion of Sweden. During the Thirty Years’ War, Swedish troops aimed to protect the interests of the Protestant princes on German land, causing a multitude of German words to either be acquired or influenced by Swedish.

Swedish is also an example of a tonal language in that the duration of a single syllable, long or short, constitutes a corresponding variation in meaning

Dialects and the written language

Swedish contains six large and region-specific dialect groups. These can be further divided into many sub-dialects.

Sentence structure in the Swedish language is rigid, yet distinctive. Sentences are generally ordered by the scheme "Subject, predicate, object." A somewhat peculiar characteristic of Swedish is the tendency for sentences and even words to always be short and concise.

The structure of Swedish grammar is also relatively simple and far less complex than, for example, the grammar of the German language. Swedish often omits whole syllables and sounds in order to optimize and improve the flow of speech. The umlauted letters, Ä, Ö, and Ü are not considered to be separate vowels, but simply special forms of A, O, and U.

How much does a translation into Swedish cost?

For new customers or large texts (more than 5,000 words), we may significantly reduce our rates. For urgent jobs that need several translators working simultaneously, we'll apply a surcharge. If you give us more time, to complete the job, we'll also reduce our rates.

There is no better partner for your Swedish translation needs

We are one of the few translation agencies to maintain offices in many countries. In Sweden, we have offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Our teams there manage a closely-knit network of qualified translators who are Swedish native speakers, and they work closely with our offices in the U.S.

Since all of our Swedish translators live in Sweden, you can be sure that your text will be translated into contemporary Swedish that will be clear to your Swedish readers. In order to produce a professional translation, the translator must be familiar with all linguistic and cultural characteristics. This is why we only employ native-speaking translators who, in addition to their academic training in translation, possess relevant expertise in various subject areas.

We also provide certified and notarized translations of official documents. These might include tax records, driver’s licenses, or certificates (birth, marriage, or death). Our translations will be accepted by any governmental bodies, including the USCIS, if you need your Swedish document translated into English. For this, we use our U.S.-based translators who are English native speakers but also fluent in Swedish.

Whether you work in the field of medicine, law, technology, or economics, we have the best translator for every project! Not even particularly exotic language combinations are a problem for us.

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