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Fasttranslator translation agency: fast service is not expensive

From the heart of California, our translation service will provide you with the perfect French translation of your English text. But... isn’t California expensive? No, not at all! Thanks to the software that has been specifically developed for our translation service, we can manage our administrative processes and project management very efficiently. That keeps the costs down. It also allows us to focus our efforts on your Canadian French translation instead of on secondary matters.

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You will receive a competitively priced quote instantly And, you will often have your French translation returned to you the same business day.

Translators specialized in everything from wine to science

Our translation agency only works with certified translators who are French native speakers. But, not only that, from our offices in France, Canada and the US, we work with a large team of specialists in different areas. We have legal translators, along with experts in sports, politics, history, literature, education and science, philosophy, culinary arts, and tourism. There is no subject we can think of in which our translators lack expertise. Their experience shows in the high-quality, English into French translation. Our translation project manager will discuss all the details with you.

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